KCNC 6-Bolt to Centrelock Rotor Adaptor (Oversized)

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These centerlock adapters from KCNC are designed to allow the use of standard ISO 6-bolt rotors with centerlock hubs. [split]

This centerlock adapter has two versions: a standard and an oversize version, we stock the oversized version as it is the most versatile. The adapter can be used on any hub from a Quick Release to a 20mm Thru Axle.

First, sandwich the rotor between the adapter's splined inner plate and the outer pegged plate, then attach the assembly to the hub. Once fitted to the hub's centerlock mount, the lockring is threaded on and tightened down; the standard version uses a Shimano cassette lockring tool, while the oversize version uses an ISIS/Octalink style bottom bracket tool. If a torque wrench is available, tighten the lockring to 40 Nm.

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NOTE: Sold as a single adaptor.