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Hiplok FLX Combo Cable Lock with Rear Light

The FLX is designed to be the perfect companion for your ride. Lightweight, versatile security sized perfectly to fit in a jersey pocket. With a 1m retractable steel cable and 3 digit combination lock the FLX offers a quality deterrent against the opportunist thief along with a 10 lumen emergency light for added safety.

The FLX’s three digit user-resettable combination lock means no carrying a key to ensure your ride is secure, whilst the optimal size and weight means your FLX fits perfectly within a pocket or clipped onto a bag, jersey or waistband using the integrated clips. A 1m length steel cable at full extension, the FLX can retract it’s cable to the length suitable for your needs, whether used as short-term security for one or multiple bikes, or used to secure accessories or as a secondary lock.

Designed to be worn on the rear of a jersey, a back pocket or waistband, on the rear of the FLX is a 10 lumen light with flashing mode, adding an extra touch of safety to the FLX as an additional or back-up light.

Wearable cable lock with 3 digit combination
1m retractable steel cable
Clip + ride system fits to pockets, bags, belts
10 lumen safety light with constant and flashing modes

Mfr Claimed Weight