God And Famous Merino Wool Tee

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A fully knitted merino wool shirt that works on or off the saddle with an amazing fit and feel. Naturally moisture wicking and high breathability makes this piece a go-to for those chill rides or days you wanna ditch the kit.[split]

100% 14gg Merino Wool
Naturally moisture wicking
Highly breathable and naturally odor resistant
Naturally regulates body temperature for all-day wear
Side-seamed and extremely soft
Discrete direct embroidered logo
Standard fit
Color: Black
Sizing: Please refer to chart

Care Instructions
Use wool-specific soap like Woolite or Laundress Wool Shampoo.
Hand wash with cold water and soak for up to 30 minutes.
Rinse well and do not wring (press water out instead).
Lay flat on drying rack or on towel to dry.
Do not hang dry. Do not use a dryer.