Extralite UltraPulley Set - CCACHE

Extralite UltraPulley Set

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Size 12-12

Extralite pulley wheels have been evolved to a greater degree.
Rolling resistance is further reduced by custom developed ceramic bearings. Each pulley wheel features twin bearings assembly for unmatched shifting precision. Pulley bodies are 3d machined from highly durable and self-lubing polymers. Extremely light and tricky.

Tuning Notes: several derailleur cages can fit a pulley with 1 or 2 teeth than the original. Phased pulleys were born to help chain guide on single chainring systems.
Pulleys with phased teeth (PH) can be applied also on standard double chainring systems with the benefit of a higher shifting precision. As example Dura-Ace has been tested with 12-14PH.

UltraPulley 11-11: SRAM Red 11s, Shimano 11s, Campy 11/12s
UltraPulley 12-12: Shimano 11s, SRAM AXS, Campy 12s
UltraPulley 13-13: Shimano MTB 12s
UltraPulley 12-12 PH: SRAM XD 11/12s
UltraPulley 12-14 PH: SRAM XD 12s

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