Extralite Aliens 4 Ti Quick Release Skewers

Looking for Road Skewers? Try the Extralite Streeters

Beautifully created by multi-axial 3D machining. 4 retainers firmly keep the axle springs in place, avoiding any chance to lose or misplace them, even during a tire change under race-day pressure. Hi-grade aerospace Titanium rods can resist up to 1300 Kgf of pull. Individually ultrasonic tested. Nuts and base plates can self-adjust to reduce stress on rod threads. Levers are designed to wrap around the fork leg. Bronze bushings ensure a smooth action.

Levers: CNC Framework
Rods: Titanium Grade5 forged and butted
Compatibility: 100/135mm standard hubs (MTB/Road Disc QR)
Bushings: Bronze, self lubing
Nuts: Self-adjusting plates
Springs: Stainless steel
Laser etched graphics
Made in Italy

Mfr Claimed Weight