Elite Crono CX Carbon Bottle Cage + Aero Bottle

Elite Crono CX Carbon Bottle Cage + Aero Bottle

The KIT CRONO CX comprises aerodynamic bottle and bottlecage, designed and tested in a wind tunnel.

It's a highly technological and performing product, designed to be efficient.

Light and aerodynamic kit - The exclusive bottle/bottlecage coupling system, developed ad hoc, safely and securely holds the bottle even at high speed, a common occurrence in time trials.

The test conducted in a wind tunnel in the designing and development phase optimised all surfaces in order to obtain an unprecedented aerodynamic result.

KIT CRONO CX it's a product that complies with the UCI provisions and was chosen and used by the best Pro Teams in the world. It's also ideal for triathlons, another discipline where weight and aerodynamic properties are key.

Diameter: Designed to fit matching aero bidon only
Material: Carbon

Mfr Claimed Weight