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Effetto Mariposa Carbomove Release Spray - 200mL - CCACHE

Effetto Mariposa Carbomove Release Spray - 200mL

Carbomove is a release spray, acting at the same time as penetrating oil and as powerful solvent. It’s a great ally to free blocked components. If the bicycle components have been mounted professionally, using our Carbogrip or other specific assembly products, it’s quite easy – for example – to modify the saddle height, even after some time.

On the other hand, if the components have been assembled ‘dry’ or not with the right products, repositioning or removing them can be a real challenge. There are ways to resolve the problem, but they all involve the use of brute force. Carbomove is a great help even in desperate cases, penetrating between the surfaces and facilitating their movement.

Use for;

  • Removal of a seat-post;
  • Removal of threaded bottom brackets;
  • Removal of aerodynamic extensions from their clamps;
  • Removal of traces of glue from the frame (vinyl stickers);
  • Removal of Carbogrip.

      Made in Italy
      Available as a 200mL spray