Effetto Mariposa Carbogrip Assembly Compound - 75mL - CCACHE

Effetto Mariposa Carbogrip Assembly Compound - 75mL

Experience tells us that the shiny surface of some carbon parts might force us to exceed the maximum torque – with all risks associated – in order to keep that part in place. To avoid that scenario we created Carbogrip, a special high-molecular-weight silicon resin, spray or liquid: applied on a component, it creates a solid anti-slip layer.

When the clamping force is applied, the anti-slip layer of Carbogrip prevents the component from moving. On the other hand, when the clamping force is released, Carbogrip – thanks to its anti-seizing characteristics – allows an easy removal of the component.

With the passing of time and with repeated washing, some assembly components lose their properties. Not Carbogrip, because it creates a very stable and effective layer with the following features:

  • It’s waterproof: if used on a seat-post, it prevents water from getting into the frame;
  • It’s an electric insulator: avoids galvanic corrosion/cold welding between different metals;
  • It’s resistant to very high temperatures: in cycling applications, the resin won’t melt or migrate nor change its properties.
  • Carbogrip can be easily removed using Carbomove or another petrol-based solvent (e.g. aviation spirit, Hexane).

Originally created as a synthetic resin for assembly carbon components, since the very beginning Carbogrip has been a worthy ally for cycling mechanics, excelling in different applications:

  • It’s great as threadlocker (for steel, titanium, aluminium, carbon bolts);
  • It’s ideal for neoprene mountain bike grips: applied on the internal grip surface, it makes sure the grip easily slides onto the handlebar, locking it in place after a few minutes. The grip can then be removed blowing air inside with a compressor;
  • Spread on the bead of tubeless tyres, it prevents any movement with low-pressure riding;
  • If applied on the frame when assembling the bottom bracket, it’s great to prevent noises or creaking in the BB area (both threaded and press-fit BBs);


  • Carefully clean/degrease the assembling surfaces. If assembling a seat-post: be sure to remove any grease trace inside the seat tube too;
  • apply Carbogrip on the component and immediately assemble it;
  • tighten the mounting bolts at the suggested torque value;
  • wait 3-5 minutes before using the component;
  • unwanted Carbogrip traces can be removed with Carbomove or another petrol-based solvent.

Made in Italy
Available as a 75mL spray