Dynaplug MegaPlugger Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit

Repair your tire in seconds with the Megaplugger™! This kit includes two Megaplugs, three standard plugs and has a hollow storage compartment for more plugs and whatever else you can fit inside. It also includes a Twofish bikeblock. The Bikeblock is shockproof, and won't release a tool when jolted like most holders. Adjustable strap adjust to frames, seat posts, and handlebars for easy access at all times!

Engineered specifically for tubeless bicycle tires with scaled insertion tube and repair plugs. Easy-to-use, neat and clean. No need for “reamers,” messy glues or solvents.

Tool Body Construction: Glass Filled Nylon Body / 6061 Aluminum
Dimensions: 4.875” x .875”
Insertion Tube: Hardened 304 Stainless Steel
Plug Material: Viscoelastic Impregnated Rubber
Plug Tip: Nonabrasive Brass and 6061 Aluminum

Kit Includes
1 Dynaplug® Megaplugger™ Tool
2 Megaplugs
3 Standard Plugs
1 Twofish Bikeblock Mount
1 Pipe cleaner

Mfr Claimed Weight