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CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels - SRAM - CCACHE
CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels - SRAM - CCACHE
CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels - SRAM - CCACHE

CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels - SRAM

Designed to fit all SRAM 11s mechanical and electrical derailleurs, these CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels put less friction between the power transferred from your legs and the rear wheel. Each pulley wheel is fitted with CeramicSpeed high quality bearings that offer for a more efficient drivetrain.

Note: these pulley wheels are not delivered with spacers. When mounting the pulley wheels reuse the original SRAM spacers.

Aluminium Pulley Wheels - Better than the standards equipment, these pulley wheels feature aluminium alloy pulley wheels that are extremely light, weighing only 22g, without spacers. Low friction and long lifetime is the essential and unique mix of properties that makes these pulley wheels superior to the market’s standards.

Titanium Pulley Wheels - Made from strong yet lightweight titanium (24g), these pulley wheels outlast every other standards, making durability one of their key characteristics. These pulley wheels can be fitted with either coated or standard bearings. The coated bearings feature an extremely durable layer of coating applied on the steel races, which is 75% harder than hardened steel. Combining the properties of the titanium pulley wheels with those of the coating, you benefit from the ultimate pulley wheels that have further reduced friction and even longer lifetime.

Material: Aluminium, Titanium
Rear Derailleur: SRAM
Speed: 11

Mfr Claimed Weight
24g (Titanium)