CCACHE Ti-6Q2 Titanium Spindle Pedal Axles - CCACHE

CCACHE Ti-6Q2 Titanium Spindle Pedal Axles

We've sourced these special Ti spindles from a vendor in Michigan, USA. The Titanium that is used is a USAF crossover alloy made in Niles, Ohio. Whilst the spindles have a 235lb rider weight limit, they are as light as OEM Titanium 6AL-4V, but are stronger and have harder bearing surfaces.

"Ti-6Q2" is a next-gen titanium, developed by the US Air Force for the F-22 Raptor Program. This material is stronger & tougher than the traditionally used Ti 6AL-4V. Yet Ti-6Q2 shares all of the corrosion resistant & weight characteristics as 6AL-4V. Our vendor is the only aftermarket dealer of this material in the world.

For use with specific road pedals only. Contact us for more information.

Sleek/No Wrench Flat Design (uses 8mm hex)
78.6mm Standard Length or 82.55mm Long Length
Made in Detroit, Michigan USA

Max Weight Limit (Rider + Luggage)
105kg (235lb) for Standard Length 
90kg (200lb) for Long Length

Mfr Claimed Weight
62g (pair)

Disclaimer: Sold as pair of Ti-spindles only. Installation by a professional mechanic is recommended.