Bastion x Demon Project Road Disc Brake Frameset (Limited Edition)

Bastion x Demon Project Road Disc Brake Frameset (Limited Edition)

It began with a discussion between our Co-Founder Ben and Tom from Demon Frameworks in the lead up to Bespoked 2016. A dream was born to collaborate on a unique project combining Demon’s artistic talents with our engineering capabilities and technology. The Bastion Demon Project was born.

Inspired by medieval armour and art-deco streamliner trains, the Bastion Demon elevates our frame design to a new level of beauty and artistic excellence. Ensuring ultimate exclusivity and guaranteeing the owner will be the only one in their riding group to have one. Each paint scheme will only be used once making each one truly unique in the world.

The Demon Project frames come with all the extras included. Polished lugs with Candy colours? Gold leaf inlays? Chrome Logos? There is no limit. You imagine it, we create it.

By combining Titanium and Carbon Fibre, Bastion bike frame technology gives you the best of both worlds, to create the best frame in the world. Our engineers have fine-tuned the ideal combination of Titanium and Carbon Fibre to yield a frame with the optimum balance of performance and mass. It’s the rider’s holy grail – a frame that blends the torsional stiffness and performance of a Carbon Fibre frame with the ride comfort of a Titanium frame.

The frame’s tube sections, which are the areas of highest deflection, use Carbon Fibre because of its renowned damping properties. However, in areas such as the bottom bracket, carbon fibre creates an overly stiff joint that compromises ride comfort. Here we use Titanium. Only the finest grade Ti6Al4V Titanium Alloy is used and the latest 3D printing technology allows us to form it into previously impossible shapes to create Bastion’s breakthrough frame design. We utilise the lower stiffness of Titanium to better isolate the high frequency vibrations of rough roads, whilst maximising torsional stiffness through asymmetric structures, transforming both ride and performance.

Our lugs are formed out of aerospace grade Titanium alloy powder. A specialised laser then fuses the powder to your exact specifications in a hermetically sealed, inert gas environment. The result is mechanical properties that rival those of forged parts. Our tube sections are wound layer by layer in carbon fibre over a mandrel in a computer controlled process called filament winding. This enables precise fibre orientation, continuous fibre paths, and higher fibre to resin ratios, giving you ultimate control of the performance characteristics of your bike.

Bastion’s bespoke design tool places our engineering know-how at your fingertips. It empowers you, the rider, to direct the design of your bespoke performance bicycle, allowing you to design, modify and then compare it against the world’s best. Next we validate your design, ask any questions and create a 3D model which is sent for your approval, together with a preliminary engineering report and the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) results.

Finally, on your go ahead, we begin manufacture. From 3D laser fusing to final painting requires over 130 hours of precision work by machine and 70 hours of meticulous hand crafting. We will provide progress updates and aim to deliver your frame with the final engineering report within four to six months of your order. If you are unsure about setting up your initial design simply contact us.

Bastion Integrated Seatpost
ENVE Tapered Fork (1.5” - 1-1/8”)
Flat Mount Disc Brakes
12mm Thru-Axles
Tyre Clearance: 32mm
Choice of EVO386 or T47 bottom bracket
FSA Orbit Headset
Choice of eTAP or Di2/EPS routing

Mfr Claimed Weight

NOTE: Sold as a frameset only (frame + fork + headset + seatmast + thru-axles)

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