ax-lightness Pelton Road Crankset - CCACHE
ax-lightness Pelton Road Crankset - CCACHE
ax-lightness Pelton Road Crankset - CCACHE

ax-lightness Pelton Road Crankset

After years of optimisation and detail refinement we are very proud to finally be able to put our new PELTON aluminium crankset to market.

The aim was to utilize our experience and know-how and to map this on an efficient production process in order to put a product onto the wheels, that not only meets our high standards of quality, functionality as well as safety, but at the same time also scores with an utter flexibility and user-friendliness and can be brought to market at an affordable price. Therefore there was no way around aluminium as the material of choice.

Construction-wise all the stops have been pulled with the PELTON: In order to achieve a possibly high torsional as well as bending stiffness, the crank arms are designed as extremely rigid double-T-profile. The spindle as well is built from aluminium and sports an oversize diameter of 30 mm.

Also production-wise we have been recoursing to the latest state of the art: To achieve the necessary safety and durability the cranks are being forged first to then be machined. Only that way a proper fatigue strength is being achieved as the PELTON impressively manages to display in the stringent EN testing.

In order to be able to enjoy the crankset for a long time the surface has been hard anodized. A laser etched logo elegantly shows the high-class and virtue of the product.

Its modular design also allows the utilisation in about every existing bottom bracket standard in existence. We offer fitting bottom brackets for BB30, PF30, BB386, BB386Evo and BBright. The crank spider is interchangeable and allows for an easy adaption to different requirements, be it a swap between road and MTB or also an eventual upgrade to a Powermeter.


Material: Aluminium, forged and machined
Spindle: Aluminium 30 mm
Finish: black hard anodized
Logo: white laser etched
Crank lengths: 172.5 mm, 175 mm
BCD: Compact 110 mm, 5-arm
Spider: interchangeable
Crank extractor: integrated
Q-factor: 151 mm

Max Weight Limit (Rider + Luggage)

Mfr Claimed Weight