ax-lightness Leaf Padded Carbon Saddle

Thanks to its extremely flat and wide style, the Leaf is ergonomically designed for a sporty sitting position. A cut-out section takes pressure from the rider, improves blood circulation and provides premium comfort even in extreme sitting positions. An excellent flex and curved saddle edges where even wide trouser legs do not get caught provide for additional convenience.

This saddle lightweight with its extremely puristic design weighs no more than 84 g and can demonstrate its capacities best on the road as well as during Cross use.

Our full leather version with leather has further been optimized, taking away the slipperiness of the carbon surface without sacrificing its other properties. The weight still is under the magical 100 gram mark.

Dimensions: 265 x 140 x 54 mm
Saddle shell: 100% Carbon with Aramid rovings
Saddle rails: Carbon with Aramid reinforcements
Saddle rail width: 8x10mm Oval
Range of adjustment: 75 mm
Saddle cover: Leather
Handmade in Bavaria, Germany

Max Weight Limit (Rider + Luggage)

Mfr Claimed Weight
99g (+/- 5%)