ax-lightness Leaf II Padded Carbon Saddle - CCACHE
ax-lightness Leaf II Padded Carbon Saddle - CCACHE
ax-lightness Leaf II Padded Carbon Saddle - CCACHE
ax-lightness Leaf II Padded Carbon Saddle - CCACHE

ax-lightness Leaf II Padded Carbon Saddle

The Leaf enjoys an almost legendary reputation amongst expert. It is praised both for its exceptional comfort as well as its outstanding stability. Its sportive silhouette looks good on every road bike as well as MTB - its elaborate shape soothes every rear end.

The symbiosis of flexibility and stability is second to none on the market. The combination of these conflictive characteristics only is made possible thanks to its unique construction: The saddle shell is elaborately crafted by hand and is cured in the autoclave to offer it the greatest possible stability despite of the thin wall thicknesses and perceptible flex. Systematically placed reinforcement layers and stripes make the saddle robust and tearproof where needed yet as flexible as possible in other places. The rails are not simply glued or riveted on, but meticulously individually crafted by hand from carbon bundles, reinforced with aramid fibres in the clamping area and melted to one-piece with the saddle shell. Only this way it is possible to eliminate any potential weak spots and to have the shell as well as rails flex in harmony and consistently which is responsible for the sensational comfort.

The sophisticated construction that has been perfected over years and years still and regardless of the best possible comfort allows for a rider weight limit of an ample 100 kg - both on the road as well as mountain bike. That it still only comes in at a weight of just 96 grams including its full leather cover is a testimony of the high technological degree of this saddle - unimaginable for a large-lot-product. Our saddles have already been piloted to Tour de France victories, podiums as well world championships.

In line with the well-proven Leaf the Leaf II offers the identical extremely flat and wide contour for the best possible ergonomic and sportive seating position. Its deep central channel relieves the perineal area and improves the blood flow - no matter if for a relaxed upright or for a sportive flat position. In contrast to the Leaf, the Leaf II however comes with a closed saddles shell, which does not affect the positive properties and high flex and comfort of its sister model, the Leaf. Getting stuck with the pants is prevented as much as the rear end spared from dirt and wetness.

Our full leather version with leather has further been optimized, taking away the slipperiness of the carbon surface without sacrificing its other properties. The weight still is under the magical 100 gram mark.

Dimensions: 265 x 140 x 54 mm
Saddle shell: 100% Carbon with Aramid rovings
Saddle rails: Carbon with Aramid reinforcements
Saddle rail width: 8x10mm Oval
Range of adjustment: 75 mm
Saddle cover: Leather
Handmade in Bavaria, Germany

Max Weight Limit (Rider + Luggage)

Mfr Claimed Weight
99g (+/- 5%)