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ax-lightness Europa Carbon Seatpost

Our long-standing and well-proven EUROPA seatpost now also as version with a comfortable 100 kg rider weight limit and full-length clamping section. That way you no longer finicky have to pay attention to the necessary seatpost extraction and the post is more easily moved from bike to bike. The higher weight limit opens up the option also to more powerful riders to experience the light weight and qualities of our ax-lightness seatposts.

Diameter: 27.2 mm, 31.6 mm
Length: 410 mm
Setback: 0 mm
Material seatpost tube Carbon Prepreg, internally butted with Aramid reinforcements
Material bolts: Titanium
Material yokes and beam: Aluminium
Material halfpipe: Carbon Prepreg
Handmade in Bavaria, Germany

Max Weight Limit (Rider + Luggage)

Mfr Claimed Weight