ax-lightness Daedalus Carbon Seatpost

The Daedalus is a setback seatpost that incorporates a design that has become a necessity for many modern frame geometries so the rider can sit far enough behind the bottom bracket. Innovative manufacturing processes in conjunction with an exceptional design make it possible to achieve extremely low weights.

Just like our AX-Europa seatpost, the AX-Daedalus features only the highest-quality materials. The shaft is manufactured in an autoclave using premium-quality carbon prepregs, guaranteeing high strength and low weights. The clamping area features aramid protection. 

Moreover, the AX-Daedalus are characterized by their unique design and harmonize well with our saddles – as a combination they are guaranteed to provide perfect harmony in design, technology, functionality and low weight. The AX-Daedalus recently won an Olympic MTB gold medal and is approved both for MTB and road use.

Diameter: 27.2 mm, 31.6 mm
Length: 410 mm
Setback: 24 mm
Material seatpost tube Carbon Prepreg, internally butted with Aramid reinforcements
Material bolts: Titanium
Material yokes and beam: Aluminium
Material halfpipe: Carbon Prepreg
Handmade in Bavaria, Germany

Max Weight Limit (Rider + Luggage)

Mfr Claimed Weight