AMP Carbon Organic Brake Pads for SRAM (2-Piece) & Campagnolo

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Variant SRAM/Campagnolo

True braking power.

Thanks to the carbon fiber back plate, it's now possible to reinvent standards and to offer to our customers brake pads among the lightest available, it's that simple.

Lighter and stiffer than common pads materials, carbon fiber is outstanding when it comes to vibrations. Composite materials are wonderful.

CFRP transverse heat conductivity is 38 times lower than steel's and 280 times lower than aluminium's. Such a back plate creates a thermal shield which prevents heat from dissipating into the caliper. Your brakes now run as they should, enjoy their real braking power. Your brake pads are 12% cooler than traditional pads.

  • Better heat flow: ride faster without heating
  • Better vibrations properties: ride in silence (Even more silence with ceramic compound)
  • 25% lighter than traditional pads
  • Sold by pair. Spring included

    Compatible with SRAM Force/RED AXS (2-piece calipers), Magura and Campagnolo calipers.

    Note: Sold as a single pair. Enough for 1 caliper.

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