absoluteBLACK Top Cap with Integrated Bolt - Black


  • $29.99

It's probably the best top cap you will ever have. One piece, bolt and topcap with Allen (hex) 5mm socket.

Will fit to every standard starnut. Not suitable for "expanding" star nuts with the steel coil spring (used in carbon steerer). But it is compatible with ENVE Compression Plug (recommended for carbon steerers).

Material: CNC Machined 7075 Aluminium
Key: 5mm Allen
Color: Black

Mfr Claimed Weight

Remove your current bolts and nuts completely. Place the bolt covers into their specific positions from the front, so they sit nice and flush with crank. Then use provided short bolts with torx T30 sockets and screw them from the back. You should use about 5-7Nm of force.

Note: If your top cap sits from an angle on the stem (does not touch stem with whole circumference), it means your starnut sits from an angle. You will have to make it straight prior to mounting Ab top cap. To do that you can use old steel bolt and a hammer.

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