absoluteBLACK Aero 1x Oval Direct Mount Chainring for SRAM - CCACHE
absoluteBLACK Aero 1x Oval Direct Mount Chainring for SRAM - CCACHE

absoluteBLACK Aero 1x Oval Direct Mount Chainring for SRAM

Our premium Sram compatible 1X Aerodynamic Direct mount Oval chainring is designed for Sram cranks like Force and Rival where spider can be replaced with direct mount chainring. Fits both GXP and BB30 spindle cranks. This is 1X narrow-wide chainring. Ideal for Triathlon, Criteriums and Time Trial.

  • Most aerodynamic chainring ever created that fits directly on the crank arm.
  • Finest design to provide excellent weight to strength ratio and aerodynamics (Patent Pending grooved structure)
  • One of a kind special oval shape that helps you climb faster (Patent Pending)
  • Unique Patent Pending narrow-wide teeth profiles to keep your chain in place with no guide.
  • Superb quality and great look.
  • You will ride faster using ovals. If you keep using round ring then others will get quicker.
  • You will not "feel" the oval shape at all 
  • Reduces stress on knees and helps to maintain your legs fresher for longer 
  • Reduces possibility of cramps
  • Lastly, no need for using "aero" covers anymore.

    Firstly, direct mount full body chainring will always be more aerodynamic than 4 or 5 bolt spider options. Secondly, our unique grooved outer surface reduces drag even further. It is well known feature that the drag coefficient on a dimpled golf ball is much lower than that on smooth ball. Numerous studies showed that turbulence is generated through the instability of shear layer separating from the edge of dimples and delays flow separation which makes it more aerodynamic. Dimpled structure generate 220% less drag than a smooth surface.

    However recent studies made by golf industry leaders show that new grooved surface can be made with almost same drag reduction vs smooth surface. Why it matters? Because grooved surface is more practical to manufacture on various bike parts like chainrings. Grooved surface could greatly reduce drag generated by big smooth "aerodynamic” chainrings currently offered on the market. 

    Few facts you should know: 

    • It is well documented that grooved surface on the sphere generates less drag when rotating well below 150rpm. In fact it generates least amount of drag when not rotating at all! 
    • It is well documented that grooved surface generates least amount of drag when traveling at speeds around 10-15m/s (36-54km/h) These parameters fit well to how we ride the bike. Hence grooved surface on various flat parts, like Absoluteblack Aero chainrings is the most preferable way of further drag reduction.

      Compatibility: SRAM Force 22, Force 1, CX1, Rival 22, Rival 1, S900. GXP and BB30 models.
      Ovality: 10.45% and Timing of 108.3° after TDC (top dead center) Patent Pending
      Material: 7075 TXXX aluminium
      Finish: Type II anodizing
      Color: Black
      Sold as single chainring only
      Made in Poland

      Mfr Claimed Weight