ABLOC Arrive S Bidon - Jet Black

ABLOC created the Arrive S water bottle (550ml / 18.5oz capacity) for discerning riders who demand the best design and performance in all their components. Why settle for scratched up graphics, clashing colors, or ugly shapes in the middle of your bike? We believe all bikes deserve beautiful bottles. Ridden to victory at international UCI pro races, ABLOC bottles are tested and developed to deliver on both design, and performance.

Visually upgrade your bottles and bike with a Good Design and International Design Award winner. Arrive S displays balance and dynamic motion through its angles, capturing the essence of cycling. No logos or graphics to scratch and ruin. Express your style with coordinating colors. Patented tapered shape slides in and out of cages and pockets easier, allowing you to focus on riding. Works especially well in small frames and dual-suspension bikes. Compatible and sits securely in all standard cages.

Keep your frame clean with a self-sealing nozzle that won't leak. Rehydrate quickly with a high flow-rate nozzle that's always up, and ready to be used.
Light Weight - 60g, which is 10-35% lighter than competitors. Lose up to 100g with a pair of Arrive S bottles, offering an incredibly high cost-to-weight loss ratio.
Standard Capacity - 550ml / 18.5oz standard EU smaller bottle capacity. Lasts ~1 hour for most riders.
AntiMicrobial - Body and cap fights mold, bacteria and odors, so your bottle stays cleaner, for longer. Will not wash off like coatings. BPA-free and phthalates-free (hormone disruptor-free.)
3-Part Assembly - Easily pulls apart for thorough cleansing, if necessary. Top-rack dishwasher safe.

550mL (size S)
Patented unique tapered shape
Seal-sealing nozzle

Mfr Claimed Weight