Ala Carte Bike Servicing

Please note, costs below are for the labour component only. Any replacement parts will need to be purchased or provided separately. Pricing is subject to change (depending on the difficulty of the job). Some jobs require additional work (for example: fitting a disc brake bike with an internally routed handlebar will require a hydraulic brake bleed).

We're meticulous with our mechanic work. Everything is torqued to spec and correctly greased as required.  

Puncture repair (inner tube replacement): $5 p/wheel
Chain + cassette replacement: $15
Bar tape wrap: $15
Creaking diagnostic: $25
Bike wash inc chain degrease + lube treatment : $35

Brake pad fitment + adjustment: $15
Hydraulic disc brake bleed: $20 p/caliper
Chainring fitment: $20
Bottom bracket + crankset fitment: $30
Brake cables replacement only: $30 (inner + outer)
Gear cables replacement only: $30 (inner + outer)
Gear tuning: $50
Rim brake groupset parts fitment only: $100
Disc brake groupset parts fitment only: $125

Miscellaneous part fitment: $10 per item
Saddle + seatpost fitment (torque to spec): $15
Headset bearing flush + grease: $20
Handlebar + stem fitment (external cables): $20
Handlebar + stem fitment (internal cables): $40

Gluing tubulars: $20 p/wheel
Tubeless setup: $25 p/wheel
Wheel alignment (truing): $30 p/wheel
Hub bearing flush: $30
Freehub body swap: $30

Degrease + Squirt lube treatment: $25
Degrease + Molten Speed Wax treatment: $50
Molten Speed Wax treatment only: $30
Add MSW Race Powder dusting: $5

New Build: $250
Strip + Rebuild: $300

Collection / Delivery: $50 each way (Syd Metro only)

Pricing in AUD. Email or come see us for a more detailed quote.