YBN SLA120 12-Speed Ti-Nitrate Ultrasonic Cleaned & MSpeed Waxed Chain - Gold


YBN SLA120 12-Speed Ti-Nitrate Ultrasonic Cleaned & MSpeed Waxed Chain - Gold

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12 speed chain ultrasonically cleaned and treated with mspeedwax.

ZFC has conducted over 100,000 km’s of machine controlled longevity testing in-conjunction with outright chain efficiency data from Ceramic Speed test labs (and where possible a bunch of field testing) to bring the most up to date object test information to ascertain a) What products should ZFC stock and what we should not, and b) provide detail information to help guide what product selection is right for you. If you already know what chain you need / want – select away. 
Finally it is here! The latest version of the YBN 12spd Gen 5 all colours have passed all extensive testing at ZFC to finally enable me to stock.
For a low weight without affecting the strength of the bolts of the chain are hollow drilled. The long shelf life of the chain comes firstly through the Chromium Carbide Surface Hardened Treatment - a process which increases the hardness of the pins by a special surface treatment many times. Furthermore, the chain works with a SLA coating (Superior Lubricating Aid). YBN has spent 2 years developing this Ni-PTFE Teflon coating. The chain generates less friction, runs quieter and attracts less dirt due to the smooth surface. Of course, the tabs have special processing to ensure a clean and fast switching process.
Compatible with Shimano, SRAM (Eagle) and Campagnolo 12-speed drivetrains.

Ultrasonic Cleaned & MSpeed Waxed Chain
Black Ti-Nitride treatment for durability
Compatibility: Shimano, SRAM (Eagle) and Campagnolo 12-speed
Number of links: 126
Surface Finishing: Ni-PTFE Teflon Coating of Tabs (SLA), Rollers and Pin Coating of Chromium Carbide (DHA)
Special feature: special outer and inner chamfers of the tabs for best switching performance, not directional bound
Rivets: Hollow
Includes quick link (silver)

Mfr Claimed Weight
286g (126 links)