WR Compositi ST1 Carbon Stem

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WR Compositi ST1 is the new generation of stems developed for road racing, with very high level mechanical characteristics. Its monocoque construction involves the use of precious carbon fibers, layered together to ensure high rigidity and virtually eliminate lateral bending while damping unwanted vibrations caused by uneven terrain. Available with an angle of -6 ° and 5 lengths, including also intermediate measures (115mm and 125mm rarely offered by the competition), so as to guarantee maximum precision in terms of positioning the cyclist in the saddle.[split]

Material: T800 Carbon
Bolts: Titanium
Diameter: 1-1/8"
Clamp: 31.7mm
Length: 90-125mm
Angle: -6°
Stack Height: 40mm
Finish: 3K, Matte or Gloss
Colour: Black or White Logo

Mfr Claimed Weight
110g (100mm)