WR Compositi RM15 Alpha Carbon Road Handlebar

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*** ALPHA variant features T1000 1K Carbon and lower weight ***

WR Compositi RM15 is the racing handle made entirely of carbon fiber with 1K finish, an exclusive product, extremely light and rigid, made entirely by hand in Italy, with processes developed directly by WR Compositi. The creation of a carbon fiber product with such a complex shape requires experience and technical knowledge. [split]

WR Compositi has been active in the field of composite materials for over 25 years, incorporating the skills, experience and years of development of its products in the creation of racing bends. WR Compositi RM15 ensuring driving precision, safe control and comfort while driving. His design is preferred by cyclists looking for racing pleats with larger support surfaces.

Material: T1000 + UHM Carbon
Drop: 129mm
Reach: 76mm
Width: 400/420/440 (center-to-center)
Clamp: 31.7mm
Finish: 1K Matte
Colour: Black Logo

Max Weight Limit (Rider + Luggage)

Mfr Claimed Weight
174g (400mm)