Wolf Tooth GnarWolf Chainguide (Braze-on Mount)

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If you are a 1X CX, gravel or road rider and can't afford to drop a chain, the Wolf Tooth GnarWolf® braze-on chainguide is for you. Designed specifically around 1x wide/narrow chainrings the GnarWolf will keep your chain glued to your chainring in the roughest and muddiest of conditions. No other CX chainguide is as rigid or as easy to adjust as the GnarWolf. [split]

  • Patented infinite chainline adjustment between 45mm and 51mm via an elliptical expanding mandrel. No shims required.
  • Infinite vertical adjustment between 34t and 46t for round and oval chainrings
  • Loosen one screw to flip the guide out of the way for easy chain removal without losing any of the guide's adjustments
  • All adjustments made with common 4 mm hex key
  • Designed for the rigors of the muddiest CX course or roughest gravel riding, the Wolf Tooth engineers made this guide extremely stiff and strong while keeping it light at 44g
  • Specific guide shaping is optimized for use with elliptical/oval and round chainrings
  • Installation takes just a few minutes – no need to remove your crank arms

      Material: 6061-T6 with stainless steel hardware
      Designed to fit on any bike with an integral braze-on mount. If you have a round seat tube with no braze-on mount, you can buy a braze-on adapter
      Designed to accommodate chainlines from approx. 45mm to 51mm
      Minimum distance of 10 mm between crank and center of ring
      See photos above as installation guide
      Optimized for use with both elliptical and round 34t-46t chainrings
      For 1x use only
      Made in the USA

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