Wolf Tooth 8-Bit Tyre Lever Kit One

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The 8-Bit Pack Pliers is a lightweight multi-tool with 17 functions. Eight attachments nest inside the handles of master link pliers using magnets and a clever storage system. These attachments then fit into an 8mm ball detent swivel head that has a 4mm opening for hex bits, which adds functionality to the already-versatile master link pliers. This new multi-tool was created to solve almost any minor repair on MTB and road rides alike.

8-BIT TIRE LEVER + DISC BRAKE MULTI-TOOL A double-sided multi-tool with a tire lever on one end and disc brake support on the other. The high-strength plastic lever easily removes tires without damaging the rim. On the machined end of the multi-tool, an 8mm flare wrench can open and close the compression nut on hydraulic brakes and there is a slot for truing rotors up to 2.5mm thick.
8-BIT TIRE LEVER + RIM DENT REMOVER MULTI-TOOL The high-strength plastic lever slips under the tire and removes tires easily without slipping out from metal or carbon rims. The rim dent remover perfectly fits over the lip of metal rims for repairs.

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