VeloToze Silicone Toe Cover - Black

VeloToze Silicone Toe Cover - Black

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Colour Black

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veloToze Silicone Toe Covers are designed to keep cyclists’ feet warm on cool, foggy mornings. They are made of a flexible material that is waterproof, windproof, and aerodynamic. Small and compact, they fit easily into a jersey pocket or saddle bag. Triathletes can put them on their cycling shoes before a race, saving valuable time in transition. Whether it’s race day, training day or just another commute day, veloToze Toe Covers will keep your feet comfortable.
  • Waterproof: designed to cover the toe of your shoe with a water-proof material that keeps fog, mist and road splash off your shoes
    Windproof: windproof materials keep your feet warm, even on cool mornings (10C/50F to 18C/65F)
    Lightweight: made of a flexible material that doesn’t retain water when wet
    Aerodynamic: smooth, flexible material creates a form-fitting design
    Easy to Remove: as you warm-up on your ride, quickly slip them off
    Compact: easily fits in jersey pocket or saddle bag
1: Put on sock and shoe
2: Pull Toe Cover over toe of shoe, being careful not to catch on cleats
3: Adjust to ensure no part of Toe Covers are over cleats.
100% Silicone