Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 Stem

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A bonafide superstar amongst the aluminium stems of the world, it’s currently in its fourth iteration, benefitting from next generation youth, and all the lessons learned from Tune's experience from previous versions.

Each stem is artfully milled by Tune's new CNC machine from a single piece of the highest quality aluminium. The conical shape, both inside and out, corresponds exactly to the variations in force running through the stem, making it as light as is possible, and as strong as is necessary. Continual evolution and optimisation has turned the original ‘very good’ stem, into an almost perfect product, proved by the VR-3 Max stress test (the toughest in the world).

The titanium screw equipped version offers the best combination of stiffness, weight and safety. The precise and balanced clamping of carbon fibre bars and fork shafts means that both are held firmly and evenly, but adjustment is also precise and easy.

Body Material: Aluminium 7075
Bolts Material: Titanium TiAI6V4
Finish: CNC machined, anodized, laser marked
Clamp: 31.8mm
Angle: +-8°
Height: 40 mm
Diameter: 1 1/8"
Length: 50/60/75/85/95/110/120mm

Mfr Claimed Weight
112g (85mm)