Topeak Omni Quicktrack Rack Adapter

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Omni QuickTrack® Adapter attaches to a standard rear rack or Racktime® system platform allowing the use of popular Topeak TrunkBags and rear baskets. Adjustable mounting brackets fit rear rack widths from 90mm to 120mm with 10mm to 12mm rack tube dimensions.

Attachments Rear rack deck
Material Engineering grade polymer
Compatibility "Fits rear rack without top plate and spring clip,
Rear rack width 90mm - 120mm,
Rack tubes, 10mm to 12mm diameter"
Max Load Limited to rack max loading rating
Added Features Compatible with Topeak MTX / RX TrunkBags and MTX rear baskets
Size 32 x 9.4 x 6.1 cm

Mfr Claimed Weight