Tons Race Table - Matt Black & Towel Holder

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Printed in a proprietary 3D pattern — The Race Table is both strong, lightweight and beautiful.[split]

Just a beautiful 3D printed bike trainer stand - with a very efficient production setup, we print our stands inhouse. Low footprint. Lots of value.

Fully plant based - Buying our stand won’t make you any more fit for the road. But it will make you and mother nature smile. Not because we’re saving the world but because beautiful and thoughtful are basic essentials.

Holder for iPads and smartphones*
Towel holder (optional)
Legs in solid FSC certified European oak or beech. (See image)
Printed in Tons Bio Polymer™
Designed and printed in Denmark
*12 mm deep and fits all iPads and all iPhones including Apple Case.

Height 97 cm
Width 70 cm
Depth 60 cm
Plate 40 x 24 cm (inside 39 x 21 cm)

Mfr Claimed Weight