Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 ST-R9270 Shifter Only (Disc Brake)

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In order to take account of the progress in professional sport, which not least also influences riding and grip positions, Shimano has worked closely with top athletes in the development of the current Dura Ace Dual Control levers. The result is lightweight controls that use the latest materials to provide an outstanding level of ergonomics, whether sprinting, on mountain stages or in time trials.

UNIQUE ERGONOMICS. The ST-R9270 STI levers for hydraulic disc brakes are characterised accordingly by higher, slightly inwardly inclined horns. In addition, the clearance between the brake lever and the handlebar has been slightly increased for an optimal balance between comfort and control. The shift buttons have also been redesigned to be larger for easy access from the lower handlebar position, and better spaced to ensure intuitive operation even when riding with gloves.

LIGHTNING-FAST SHIFTING. Another feature of the disc brake version is the Wireless functionality, which not only ensures a clean cockpit but also lightning-fast and precise shifting. Nevertheless, the shift/brake levers still offer a cable connection (EW-SD300) for the use of additional shifters in the drops or the top of the handlebar. For numerous customisation and configuration options, compatibility with the improved E-Tube Project app, which, like previous versions, allows you to adjust shift modes (Synchro-/Semi-Synchro-Shift, Multi-Shift), shift speed and button assignment on the fly.

CONTROLLED BRAKING. But the Dura Ace R9200 Dual Control levers are also impressive in terms of braking performance. With the help of an extended brake control range, the Servowave technology ensures excellent dosing that offers optimum comfort and control even in challenging conditions. Of course, for individual adjustment, the levers feature the option of reach and free stroke adjustment.

Synchronized Shifting
Shimano's Synchro-Shift technology simplifies shifting immensely and significantly reduces the amount of decision-making processes that take place while riding.

Especially in decisive racing situations or when driving at the limit, drivers often have to complete a large number of decision-making processes in addition to the physical strain, which are then frequently disturbed and lead to wrong decisions. The fewer decision-making processes there are, the better decisions are made and the more attention is kept on the race. This is exactly what the Synchro-Shift technology makes possible, always selecting the optimal next higher or next lower gear ratio combination, regardless of whether the rear and / or front derailleur are used for this purpose.

In addition to the conventional manual mode, in which the front and rear derailleurs are controlled independently of each other, Synchro-Shift offers two further modes:

Full Synchro-Shift | The front derailleur responds to the shifts made by the rider on the rear derailleur. Essentially, this means that only one shift lever with two shifters is needed to shift the rear derailleur and front derailleur.

Semi Synchro-Shift | The rear derailleur responds to the shifts made by the rider on the front derailleur. In doing so, the rear derailleur automatically provides the necessary compensation shifting for low cadence jumps when shifting up or down at the front derailleur.

Shimano's SERVOWAVE technology improves brake lever's modulation ability. Because the lever absorbs a lot of braking distance right at the start of its movement, the brake pads have disc contact more quickly and it remains more lever travel to adjust braking force. That is why SERVO WAVE brake systems are characterized by faster response, higher performance and shorter idle travel.]

Left or Right Di2 Shifter (Choose from drop-down menu)
Hydraulic Disc Brake Specific
Does not include any calipers, brake/shift lever incl. CR1632 battery
(without EW-SD300 Di2 cable)

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