Shimano Disc Brake Pads - L05A-RF Resin (Ice-Tech) With Fin

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Shimano L05A resin disc pads with Ice-Tech cooling fins. 40% more wear resistant than its predecessor L03A. Recommended for Dura Ace, Ultegra and 105 disc brake calipers.

Fits: BR-R9270, BR-R8170, BR-R9170, BR-R8070, BR-R7070, BR-RS805, BR-RS505, BR-RS405, BR-RS305, BR-U5000.

Lining material: Resin (5th generation)
Less noise and better modulation
New resin friction material
50% better wear resistance than L03A
110% better wear resistance than L02A
With radiator fin
Provides long pad life and less fade by cooling technology
Pad shape: Narrow type, L
Piston: For 2-piston brake caliper
Back plate: Alloy
1-pair package

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