Runwell Bottle Opener Tool

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A bottle opener based on the new concept of Runwell's gift series called "Industrial Motif". A stainless steel round bar is carved out to create a design that resembles a precision machine part. [split]

The most important thing is the dimensional accuracy that "Suu" can be inserted into the 10 mm diameter hole of the stand S of the same series. For the package, we dared to adopt a PVC package to give it the image of an industrial product. The product is easy to carry and can be used as a separate storage. Runwell's gift lineup that develops products with industrial products as a motif. 

Following the first series with a tool motif, the second series has a design motif of anti-slip processing called knurling applied to levers of machines and the like. The item pursuing a simple design that tickles the man's heart, which is carved out of solid stainless steel, and the texture of the carved out, is a luxurious gem that has been carved out with increased surface roughness due to high processing accuracy.

Material: Stainless Steel
Full length: 100mm

Mfr Claimed Weight