Par Küp Off-Bike Cap - Black

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A classic one-size fits all, adjustable, 6-panel, curved-brim cap for all manner of off-bike excursions. Made from 100% super-soft woven cotton for next-level comfort, the PK Off-Bike Cap protects the face from all elements and hides messed-up hair post-ride. Featuring Par Küp original art lets everyone know you ride, but right now it's cold beverage time.

Product Info
Traditional 6-panel cap
100% cotton construction
Water-based logo prints
Adjustable velcro closure
Internal woven headband
Sustainable materials
Designed in Australia

Product Use
Indoor and outdoor
All off-bike activities
All seasons

Main Fabric
35% Cotton / 65% Polyester
120g/m2 = 4.20oz