Panaracer Agilest Duro Folding Road Tyre (Tube Type) - Black

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The Agilist Duro tire brings increased puncture resistance to the mix by incorporating the newly developed TOUGH & FLEX SUPER OUTER SHIELD" and "PROTITE BELT" into this reliable performance tire.

Additionally, the "ZSG AGILE COMPOUND'' reduces rolling resistance by 12% and weight by 20g compared to the previous model, which was known for its performance and reliability in races, training sorties and long rides (Using 700C—25C tires as a control metric).

This reinforced high-performance tire is ideal for rough roads and mitigating punctures.

Compound: ZSG Agile
Protection: Tough & Flex Super Belt and Protite Belt
Casing: Advanced Extra Alpha Cord

Mfr Claimed Weight
25mm (220g)
28mm (250g)