OPEN UP WIDE Extreme Gravel Frameset - Turquoise (Limited Edition)

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The WI.DE. (Winding Detours) can run even bigger tires while still fitting road cranks! The monster tires help you conquer the most extreme terrain, the performance geometry & narrow Q-factor keep you efficient while the steering geometry keeps you nimble.[split]

  • With 650b gravel or mountain bike tires up to 2.4”, rutted singletrack, slippery roots and loose rocks are no match
  • With 700c gravel tires up to 46mm, even the toughest gravel roads are tackled at lightning speed
  • With 700c road tires (we recommend 35-40mm wide), you have the most comfortable road bike ever invented

The New U.P. retains the performance-oriented road geometry & parts with clearance for mountain bike tires from the original. Start on asphalt, hit the gravel, switch to single track. Its geometry makes you fast; its tires unstoppable. The New U.P. accepts flat-mount brakes and ships with an OPEN U-turn fork.

Tyre clearance
Finding ways to fit the biggest possible tire into a bike with road geometry and road cranks is one of our specialties. The WI.DE. does this thanks to the double-drop chainstays mentioned above and a dedicated 1x frame design. Since most of our customers run 1x drivetrains, we can use the inner chainring space to move the chainstay outward and increase tire clearance. As a result, the WI.DE. comfortably accepts up to 2.4” tires in 650b (or 46mm on 700c wheels). Actual tire width depends on tire model and rim width, so measure instead of relying on the tire label.

Crank clearance
Behind the bottom bracket, the chainrings, frame and tire all fight for space. And with the need to fit big mountain bike tires and narrow Q-factor cross/road cranks & chainrings, the U.P. presents the toughest possible packaging problem. Dropping the right chainstay moves it out of this crowded area, allowing it to be wider and therefore stiffer (a huge effect; with the same amount of material, twice the width will give you eight times the stiffness!).

U-turn Fork
We designed a new fork that accepts flat-mount calipers without the need for an adapter. So you can get your Shimano or SRAM flat-mount caliper, remove the standard adapter it comes with, and bolt it directly onto our fork. This saves weight and increases the stiffness of the braking system. We do this by making the fork dedicated for 160mm brake rotors and using the same through-bolt design that is normally reserved for the rear. Some may not like the exposed bolt heads on the front of the fork leg instead of them being hidden, but we actually like it. It’s a technically superior design, so this engineering choice should be clearly visible. But the U-turn fork doesn't just save you weight on the flat-mount brake, it is also extremely light itself. At 375 grams, it is by far the lightest fork that fits GravelPlus tires. 

TRCinTRS™ technology
Flat-out downtube
Zero-setback seat tube
Fully-internal cables/hoses
ThruThread dropouts
Toptube bag mount
SafePost™ Pilot hole

BB standard: BB386EVO pressfit 86x46mm BB shell
Shimano crank fit: All road cranks
SRAM crank fit: All GXP road, all DUB road, Force 1 BB30
Front derailleur mount: Bolt-on, removable
Recommended ring shape: Flat (for example Wolftooth)
Minimum 1x ring size: 38t (flat & 00.5318.005.004offset rings)
Maximum 1x ring size: Clearance depends on crank & chainring model. 2mm space is required. For most current generation cranks, the following applies: 46t (flat ring), 42t (SRAM offset ring)
Rear thru-axle: 142x12mm superlight X-12
Front thru-axle: 100x12mm superlight X-12
Front disc rotor size: 160mm only
Front brake mount: Smartmount 160 system with direct-mount, no adaptors
Front brake bolts SRAM: 37mm “REAR” brake bolts for 30mm “chainstay” (SRAM part# 00.5318.005.008)
Front brake bolts Shimano: 43.2mm “REAR” brake bolts for 30mm “chainstay” (Shimano part# Y8N208030)
Rear disc rotor size: 140mm or 160mm
Rear brake 140mm mount: Direct mount
Rear brake 160mm mount: Use adaptor for SRAM (00.5318.018.001) or Shimano (ISMMAR160DDA)
Rear brake bolts SRAM (140mm & 160mm disc): 2x 27mm (SRAM part# 00.5318.005.004)
Rear brake bolts Shimano (140mm & 160mm disc): 2x 33.2mm (Shimano part# Y8N208010)
MultiStop internal system: 1x Mechanical, 2x Mechanical, Di2, eTap
Headset: Integrated IS42/28.6 | IS52/40
Seatpost: 27.2mm diameter, standard set-up zero-offset
Cage mounts: Seattube, downtube, under downtube
TT bag mount system: 100mm front-post-to-headset-edge

Mfr Claimed Weight
1040g (M)
390g (Fork)

Note: Listing is for frameset and included parts as described. Complete bike build is for illustrative purpose only.