JRC Titanium Quick Release Skewers - Silver

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Save weight while also adding a flare to your wheelset!
From end to end, our quick release skewers are designed to ensure maximum strength & durability while also ensuring a superlightweight design and an aesthetically pleasing finish.
We have reengineered the original lever shaft, stripping it back to only one material, high tensile 7075 cnc'd aluminium. The oversized lever allows for effortless opening / closing, even on the coldest winter mornings! The lever is drilled exposing a hollow core, to ensure the highest possible weight saving. From there, we carefully anodise and etch them to match our full range.

6al-4v high-grade titanium axles
Oversized, hollowed levers for ease of use when tightening
The pivoting point features a machined aluminium cup with a brass insert
Superlightweight coming in at 46grams per set
CNC machined 7075 aluminium with anodised finish
Available in 10 colour options

Front Skewer (100mm)
Rear Skewer (130mm)

Please ensure the axle is the correct length for your frame. Typically all road bikes use a 130mm axle however mountain bikes will typically use 135mm*

Mfr Claimed Weight