JRC Orimono Metallic Handlebar Tape - Gold

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Metallic Handlebar Tape with Lightweight Handlebar End Plugs
One of Three touch points on your bike, handlebar tape is quite often overlooked in terms of comfort and design.
Our Orimono Metallic Handlebar Tape is produced from high quality polyurethane (PU) to provide in grip and comfort in all riding condition. Our Orimono tape measures 2300mm in length & 3mm in depth ensuring adequate material to fit with extra cushioning for gravel bikes, etc.
The perfect match to compliment your frame colour or other anodised componentry on your bike.

9 Metallic Colourways available
3mm thickness
2300mm per roll
A feathery 80 grams including the bar plugs

2x Rolls of 2200mm Handlebar Tape w/ colour print
2x JRC Aluminium End Plugs (of same colour*)
2x Tape Off-Cuts**
2x Strips of Finishing Tape**
*We would like to note that the shades of the bar plugs (and other anodised components) do vary compared to the printed area, mainly due to the nature of difference between print and anodising processes.

**Please note the above two items are wrapped up in the tape rather than thrown into the box loosely to ensure the material is pre-shaped for wrapping.

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