JRC Kumo+ Lightweight Seatpost Clamp - 34.9mm - Black

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Following the success of our initial seatpost clamps, we merged both designs to engineer a new, versatile clamp to suit all style bikes.
Its rigidity, clamping force and extremely low weight allows for an unparalleled component!

Fully CNC'd aerospace grade 7075-T6 aluminium
6/4 titanium bolt
Suitable for all terrains including Road, CX, Enduro, XC, etc.

7075 Aluminium Seatpost Clamp
6al4v 15mm Titanium Bolt

*Most frames with a 27.2mm seatpost use a 31.8mm clamp while a31.6mm seatpost typically requires a 34.9mm clamp. There are anomaly's however so please check your frame spec before purchase*

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