Fingerscrossed Classic Socks - Liebe

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With LIEBE (german word for love) coming from the heart the bpm we measured were upon the highest among the tested socks. Full of love the athletes still went easy on the test, though their ideal communication and respect toward each other lead to fairly high speeds (km/h) when compared to the other parameters (watts, kcal, strain and recovery).

As cyclists we all know the feel of wearing a fresh pair of white socks. That bit of extra motivation making you go faster than initially expected.

To understand and further examine if white socks are really faster we conducted a pseudo-scientific study testing eight different pairs of white socks. The different words and symbols on each pair will provide a highly non-scientific framework to whatever ride or activity you have in mind.

HIGH COMPRESSION - for a better blood circulation, stabilization and regeneration
LIGHT - 50% lighter than cotton
DURABLE - abrasion resistance is 2,5 times higher than wool or cotton
THERMOREGULATING - the best thermoregulation of all types of fibres
BRANDING - FINGERSCROSSED rivet on the left sock is nickel free
93% Polypropylene
7% Elastane