Fingerscrossed Classic Socks - Cool

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With the excitement level of wearing a fresh pair of white socks we found a significant increase of heart-rate (bpm) in our tested athletes. They did tackle the test course well-paced resulting in a very even distribution of parameters. We were still able to observe a slight tendency towards faster, high-power pace (km/h and watt) and therefore had to correct strain up and recovery down.

As cyclists we all know the feel of wearing a fresh pair of white socks. That bit of extra motivation making you go faster than initially expected.

To understand and further examine if white socks are really faster we conducted a pseudo-scientific study testing eight different pairs of white socks. The different words and symbols on each pair will provide a highly non-scientific framework to whatever ride or activity you have in mind.

HIGH COMPRESSION - for a better blood circulation, stabilization and regeneration
LIGHT - 50% lighter than cotton
DURABLE - abrasion resistance is 2,5 times higher than wool or cotton
THERMOREGULATING - the best thermoregulation of all types of fibres
BRANDING - FINGERSCROSSED rivet on the left sock is nickel free
93% Polypropylene
7% Elastane