ENVE SES Road Tubeless Clincher Tyre - Black

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Over 10 years of aero product development with a focus on real-world performance has led us to tire development. Tire shape and construction greatly influence aerodynamics, rolling efficiency, and your confidence. SES Road Tires are proven in CFD and the wind tunnel to reduce drag, and are constructed to deliver rolling efficiency, durability, and a confidence inspiring ride – regardless of the weather.[split]

In the quest for holistic real-world tire performance, aerodynamics are only one part of the story. For this reason, the SES Road Tire underwent many revisions, manipulating the casing materials, laminate, and tread to achieve a competitively fast rolling tire without sacrificing other key performance metrics like durability, and weight. The ENVE SES Road Tires are designed to deliver maximum rolling efficiency while minimizing the trade-offs.

Whether racing or riding, a flat-tire can dash hopes of a podium finish, or crushing that elusive PR. No matter how it goes down, flat-tires ruin rides. We pride ourselves in delivering products that enhance and better your ride experience. The SES Road Tires feature Vectran™, the most effective, yet high-performance, anti-flat protection available. The secret to a reliable tubeless seal and steadfast tire retention is sufficient tire bead stiffness and stability, coupled with a refined tire bead diameter.

While the SES Road Tire has racing in its DNA, evolution has indicated that thoroughbred race tires lack the durability required of the modern road rider’s appetite for adventure. Come rain or rough road, the SES Road Tire is ready.

Different disciplines, rim widths, rider preferences and ride styles require different tires sizes and volumes. The SES Road Tire lineup consists of four performance options (25c, 27c, 29c, 31c) to cover your needs from the race course to rough roads. Given that tire volume varies with rim width, labeled tire sizes will vary from measured tire sizes.

Application: Road, Road Race, Triathlon, Time-Trial, All-Road
Smart ENVE System Aero Optimized Shape and Tread Design
Natural and Synthetic Rubber Compound w/ Activated Silica for All-Weather Performance
Tubeless-Ready and Inner-Tube Compatible
Hookless and Hooked-Bead Rim Type Compatible
Inner-Rim Width Compatibility: 25c (17-21mm), 27c, 29c, 31c (17-25mm)
Vectran™ Protection Barrier

Mfr Claimed Weight
255g (25mm)
265g (27mm)
275g (29mm)
285g (31mm)