Effetto Mariposa Shelter Road Pack

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Shelter Road is a transparent shock and scratch resistant adhesive tape. It provides a reliable protection to the carbon-fiber or metal structures it’s applied to. "Road" is perfect for lighter off-road riding or gravel/cyclocross applications.
Shelter is UV-shielded so it won’t turn yellow over time and will even protect the underlaying frame paint from UV degradation.

Shelter Road has a 0,2 mm scratch-resistant upper layer with a gummy (viscoelastic) 0,4 mm layer underneath. This unique, composite construction allows Shelter to spread impact energy within its structure, without transmitting it. Shelter Road (0,6 mm thick) is best for lighter off-road riding or gravel/cyclocross applications. 

Shelter Road Pack: sealed pack with two 54 x 500 mm(*), 0,6 mm thick elements. Ideal to protect one bicycle, adapting the tape to the surfaces to protect.

Invisible protection against scratches and impacts
Easy to apply, strong adhesion also on curved surfaces
Doesn’t turn yellow over time
Ideal for protecting carbon or metal parts
Visco-elastic behavior reduced vibrations

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