Hamax Caress Baby Seat With Sprung Carrier Adaptor

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A SAFE AND COMFORTABLE ADVENTURE FOR THE CHILD Hamax Caress enables you to transport your child in a safe and comfortable way. And quite elegantly, too!

Regulate the height of the back and let the bike seat grow with the child. An adjustable back system allows you to regulate the height of the back according to the size of the child. The harness, buckles and footrests are designed for one hand operation. The shoulder cushions provide extra comfort for the child, and make the safety belt easier to fit. The bike seat is equipped with a reflector in the back for improved visibility.

Ergonomic resting position - The seat is reclinable (20 degrees) and the free hanging steel bar offers natural suspension for the child during the ride.

Easy mounting on the luggage carrier. The carrier adapter makes the Caress rear seats even more flexible, as they now will fit almost all bicycles. Already the Caress may be mounted with a freely hanging carrier bar. For the increasing number of e-bikes, and for other bikes with frame diameters outside 28-40 mm, the Caress with a carrier adapter is an excellent choice.
Carrier adapter for the luggage carrier
To be mounted on the luggage carrier
The luggage carrier must be approved to carry 25-30 kg
Fits carriers from 120 180 mm
Carrier tube diameters should be between 10-20 mm
Suitable for e-bikes