Campagnolo Zonda C17 Clincher Wheelset

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Run wild when you ride wide on the Campagnolo Zonda C17 Wheelset.

The new Campagnolo Zonda C17 Wheelset has been structurally optimised and ensures greater options in terms of clincher tyre choice in addition to an even better braking feel compared to previous versions.
The Campagnolo Zonda wheelset has become a staple in the Campagnolo wheelset range; while it won’t be seen under the bikes that will roll down the streets of Paris on the last stage of the Tour, it's a winner in many other ways.
One of the most reliable wheelsets available, the Campagnolo Zonda doesn’t come with any reduction in performance. With performance above and beyond any other wheel in its class, in addition to reliability that would be the envy of any wheel, seeing the Zonda mounted on even top professionals training bikes doesn’t seem out of place at all.
With a wheel so dialed in, so universally appreciated and so successful the engineering staff at the Campagnolo headquarters in Vicenza made every effort to maintain all of the performance and durability characteristics of this fantastic model while incorporating improvements where possible.
Building upon such a universally appreciated wheel was to be no easy task and after much consideration an improvement strategy similar to that of the Shamal Ultra wheel upgrade was implemented.
Keeping the rest of the wheel as close to the previous version as possible while adding a new and more efficient, performance-oriented rim was the recipe used to deliver the all new Zonda C17.
This newest version of the Zonda wheelset comes in at a 1596 grams placing it as perhaps the lightest C17 wheelset in its segment while still living up to its reputation as an indestructible performance product.

Wider tyre option: With 25mm clinchers becoming the standard if not the new minimum sizing for road riding and racing, wider C17 rim ensures a more efficient shape of the tire, improving cornering grip and safety while reducing aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance.
Differentiated Rim Height
Precision milling: to eliminate excess material and weight where not needed
RDB: Rim Dynamic Balance
MoMag Technology: Due to the manufacturing method, the tire bed is free of spoke holes, so there's no need for rim tape. This results in structural superiority
Aluminum oversize flange
Front Hub: 16 aerodynamic radial spokes
Rear Hub: 21 aerodynamic radial spokes in MEGA G3 pattern
Cup and cone bearings

Mfr Claimed Weight