Burgh Hex Bar Tape - Stealth Black

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Burgh’s Hex Bar Tape features a repeating honeycomb pattern, representing the structure that houses the liquid gold we all love, the nectar of life, the syrup of the gods – honey.

Perfect for those hard working bees, ah sorry – riders that slog it out all day into those nasty headwinds, chase down the breaks and bring you back to the bunch after a nasty crash.

Yet they still have enough left in the tank to sting you up those punchy climbs.

TAPE DIMENSIONS: 200cm (L) x 3cm (W)
PRINT/INK: Black/Gloss
INCLUDES: 2 x End Plugs / 2 x Finishing Tape Strips
THICKNESS: 2.5mm thick – tapering to 1.8mm at edges

Mfr Claimed Weight