Bike Ahead Composites THE UNIT 44 Handlebar Stem

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A handlebar-stem combination can also be beautiful and functional...THE UNIT is the must-have on every mountain bike!

The trend of integration is the future focus of coming bikes. The design of frames will be more complex and organic at the same time. We wanted to harmonise these two requirements with our handlebar-stem combination THE UNIT. Nature gave us a model for this - a sea creature - the Mobula birostris = manta ray.
Our design combines a dynamic and straight shapes with a unique internal stem clamp to create an aesthetic unit on every bike.

Of course, we have also put our 10 years of carbon expertise into the fibre construction. The result is very good damping in the handlebar and high torsional stiffness in the stem, which is rounded off by our patented NSA clamping in the clamping area.

integrated steerer clamp
clamping areas with patented NO SLIP APPLICATION
rider weight limit (rider+baggage) 130kg (E-version)
matt unidirectional carbon
Made in Germany

Backsweep 7.5°
Width Can Be Shortened 820 Mm
Rise 15 Mm
Stem Angle 0°
Stem Length 44 Mm

Mfr Claimed Weight