Alba Optics ANVMA Lei - Snow Pink (VZUM Leaf Lens)

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The lighter the soul, the deeper the gaze on the world.

When we talk about ANVMA, we talk about nurturing the soul: to reimagine and consider alternate realities, to discover new possibilities. A new vision. New but equal to itself in spirit, the ANVMA 2021 collection has a larger ventilated lens, a comfortable ergonomic shaft and a removable nose pad in soft non-slip rubber. Lightness and an open mind travel together: when you pedal off road, distance becomes insignificant, and the path becomes the protagonist in a thrill of endless freedom.

LeafLens - Ensures better clarity of vision, providing more natural colours with a contrast enhancer with relaxing tone. Increases the contrast by 15%.

ANVMAuses VZUMª LENS made from scratch resistant polycarbonate base 6to enable a fixed vision without side deformation. Allowing a good protection against the wind and strong light.The shock absorbent, unbreakable material provides an excellent resilience.

Ventilated VZUMª lens
European fit
Ergonomic temple tips
Handmade in Italy

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