ABUS Steel-O Chain 4804C/75 Combination Lock - Black

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ABUS is well-known for its consistently high quality and security. With this bike lock, you can count on high-quality materials.

Even if you think your bike is well-protected against theft, for example because you have left it in a cellar or a monitored area, you are still taking a risk. Thieves use every opportunity they can get. As a combination lock, the Steel-O-Chain™ 4804C Chain Lock offers ideal protection for entry-level bikes and children's bikes where there is a low risk of theft.

4 mm thick square chain with textile sleeve that prevents damage to paintwork
The chain is made of special hardened steel
Individually settable code
Easy to transport around the seat post
For protected transportation we recommend, for example, the frame bags ST 2012, ST 2200 or ST 8130 L
Basic protection at low theft risk
Recommended for securing low-range bicycles and children’s bikes
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